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Don’t take it on trust 

Millbrook Beds is a long-established family run company that have been making beds for over 70 years here on the South coast of England. We make our beds by hand taking everything we know of the traditional ideals of bed making and applying this to produce high quality beds and mattresses that meet stringent modern-day safety guidelines. 

But, in spite of our traditional values, the heritage of our family set up and our reliable trading history, we don’t expect our customers to take anything on trust.

At Millbrook Beds we are members of the National Bed Federation (NBF). The NBF is a trade organisation set up to achieve many things within the bed industry, but an important one of their purposes is to ensure all members of the Federation fulfil all relevant legal obligations and operate in an ethical manner conducive to fair competition and fair dealing with employees, customers and suppliers.

Buying a new bed is a big investment, not only in terms of the financial value as a vital piece of furniture, but also in terms of an investment in positive sleep; don’t take it on trust.

Find out all about how we make our beds and our NBF accreditation at millbrookbeds.co.uk