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Extended family

What’s more important in life than family?

At Millbrook Beds, family is part of our make up and in 2018 our bed making business is still run by the same family that began the company over 70 years ago back in 1946.

Not only that, as a large employer in our locality, we’ve also been a big part in the story of other families. Over the years we’ve seen generations of the same family working with us over our long history of making beds on the south coast of England.

With such a long trading history, it’s not surprising that our trusted partners and suppliers have likewise come to feel like family over the years.

Take the John Cotton Group for instance. John Cotton are similarly a family company that have been trading over 100 years now (since 1916) and have been supplying premium quality natural fillings to Millbrook Beds for over XXX years.

Of course, the best bit about being part of a family is having complete knowledge of and trust in one another, and coming to rely on each other both in good times and in challenging times. We couldn’t create the high end beds and mattresses to the luxury standard we do without our trusted extended family of partners and suppliers like John Cotton.

Here at Millbrook Beds we understand that family comes first, so put your family’s sleep in safe hands with our #perfectsleep collection.