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Floating in space 

Ever wondered what it’s like to float in space? For many of us, our childlike wonder over the life and experiences of a real life astronaut never really goes away. And, in the physically and mentally crowded realms of our adult lives, sometimes space can feel like our biggest need of all.

This may, in part, explain why therapies such as floatation therapy have grown in awareness and popularity over time. Floatation therapy combines sensory deprivation and weightlessness to relieve muscle tension and symptoms of anxiety in its users. Like an astronaut, you can experience a sense of weightlessness in floating and the mental space that comes via sensory deprivation – minus the inconvenience of the billion pound space rocket and elongated journey times!

And, although therapies such as these are still a way off being in the mainstream, what they do do is to remind us how powerful relaxation is and how relaxation in its purest form isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a primal need.

Restorative sleep is the purest form of relaxation that most people will experience in their lifetimes. And, unless you’re obscenely wealthy, unlike flotation therapy it’s something you can experience every night.

With a luxury pocket sprung bed from Millbrook Beds, you can take the weight off. Let our #perfectsleep comfort take the weight of your body and mind, as you unwind, relax deeper….and possibly float off to sleep dreaming of space travel. Just maybe…