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Food for thought

Most of us will have a fair few thoughts about food during our day. 

And, in amongst our decisions about what we’ll put on our plates and into our mouths that day we’ll make decisions about the money we’ll spend on the food we buy, the ethics and sustainability behind the type of food we eat and where it’s sourced, the taste and level of indulgence of our food, and – with better nutritional awareness – with any hope we’ll also think about the nutritional value of what we’re eating too.

As part of our increased awareness about what foods are good for us, we’ve also become much better at understanding the effects of certain foods on our body – for instance there’s an increasing focus on foods that can aid our sleep. That’s all good and fine, but we should also keep eye on foods that are keeping the nation awake:

Foods with a high salt content –

Salty snacks, processed meats, pizza or other foods with high levels of added salt have the effect of making us thirsty. So, if you’re eating these foods close to bedtime, you may well end up taking on too much fluid resulting in overnight trips to the loo or waking up needing a drink.

High fat, spicy or acidity foods –

You know your body best, if you know that you suffer with acid reflux after a spicy curry, indigestion after juice or heartburn after eating fatty foods, don’t eat them near to bedtime! The effects of indigestion are almost always worsened by laying down, so keep hard to digest foods to earlier in the day if you like the idea of an undisturbed night.

Sugary, caffeinated or energy-enhancing snacks –

These surely speak for themselves! If you want to be in with a fighting chance of feeling sleepy at bedtime, avoid these foods at sundown at all costs.

Hopefully these tips will give you food for thought as you settle down for a snack this evening. Snack well and sleep well…