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Get off track

Like many positive habits in life, it’s so easy for our sleep to get off track.

Big or small changes in life such as a new relationship, job, a baby or even altered habits within our diet and exercise regimes can all have a big impact on our sleep. Our bedtime may change as we sit up late flirtatiously chatting or messaging with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. We may find ourselves working into the evening or adjusting to an early morning commuter routine or shift work with a new job. And, new babies, well that’s a sleep adjustment like no other!

Sometimes we may not even realise that we once had a sound bedtime routine until it’s gone. But, when it is gone, it can feel like hard work to regain ground.

Lost sleep routines and sleep deprivation can effect us in many ways….and none of them good. Loss of concentration, increased irritability, difficulty remembering small things and increased cravings for sugary food are all common side effects of sleep deprivation. If you’re trying to get things back on track with your sleep, as well as addressing lifestyle habits, giving yourself a comfortable bed to sleep on is crucial. 

Thankfully, at Millbrook Beds, we have over 70 years experience in handcrafting luxury sleep comfort. The culmination of this experience is our Perfect Sleep collection which is available to shop in store or online now. And, better still, with every purchase from our Perfect Sleep collection you’ll receive a Garmin vívosmart® 3 enabling you to track your sleeping hours with the same accuracy as you track your activity levels. 

Get your sleep back on track with Millbrook Beds and Garmin courtesy of our Perfect Sleep collection.