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Get some space

Keep your bedroom for sleep.

Most experts agree this is one of the most important things you can do to help fix poor sleep habits. At first glance, this can sound a bit daft, what else would we be using our bedrooms for than sleep? In a modern world, plenty it seems…

Modern bedroom space is a Netflix space.

TV remains most people’s preferred way of ‘switching off’. Whether you Netflix or whichever media provider you access, the ability to stream content in devices of any size means it’s never been easier to watch TV in bed.

Modern bedroom space is a space to be sociable.

Of course we’re talking in the virtual sense. Most people prefer browsing social media alone and likewise – although actual phone calls are becoming more of a rarity – we still tend to prefer not to have an audience to our calls either.

Modern bedroom space is a space to work.

Similarly to how technology has changed the way we consume media, it’s also changed the way we work. Whether it’s adults catching up on work emails or young people finishing off homework on a hand-held device, our bedrooms are increasingly a productive space.

…And when we’re finished with all these other functions, we want our bedrooms to instantly morph into a place where we feel relaxed for sleep. Suddenly it’s not so hard to see where the experts are coming from.

Do what you can to keep your bedroom for sleep. (And go further than that still by giving your bedroom a stellar piece of sleep equipment in the form of a luxury handmade bed from Millbrook Beds!)