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Hung up

Finding new ways to measure our wellbeing is something of a modern preoccupation.

There are lots of numbers that come into play…our body mass index (BMI), our daily calorie count, the salt, sugar and alcohol units we consume, our blood pressure readings, our heart rate…in the last few years, these have all become quite normal things to keep track of.

And, while these numbers are a useful way to get a measure of our our health and fitness, it’s also good not to get too hung up on them.

Activity trackers have become an increasingly useful tool, in the broadest sense, as they help us sort fact from fiction. We may think we live an active lifestyle, but if we’re only notching up 3000 steps as a daily average, we might just be kidding ourselves. In the same way, an activity tracker will reveal the hard facts of whether your attempts to incorporate extra activity in your day add up to a real difference or not. 

When it comes to measuring our sleep in numbers, getting to grips with what’s normal to us is a positive way to begin understanding our sleep and, in some cases, to spot obvious fixes in terms of lifestyle factors that may be negatively impacting our sleep. Millbrook Beds’ partnership with Garmin means you can do just this when you receive a Garmin vívosmart® 3 Smart Activity Tracker with a mattress or bed from our Perfect Sleep collection.

Definitely use the numbers. Absolutely make positive changes if you need to. But, if you feel well and full of energy on six and a half hours sleep, that’s great. If you need nine to feel refreshed, that’s fine too. Don’t get hung up on the numbers and certainly don’t lose sleep over them!