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In light of things 

For many people, the days have lengthened recently in more ways than one.

As well as the official start of Spring bringing with it longer days and lighter evenings, social distancing and self isolation have brought longer days spent in the confinement of home and – for some people – in complete solitude which can make the days feel very long indeed.

In spite of the extra daylight on offer, you might be feeling like you’re getting far less than your normal share. And light exposure is very important to our circadian rhythm. Natural sunlight during the daytime helps keep this rhythm healthy, improving our daytime energy and also helping us to sleep well when the day is done.

So it seems, in the same way as exposing ourselves to excessive blue light in the evening time can interfere with our sleep, not getting enough daylight can be problematic too.

We know things are very tricky right now but being mindful of our sleep needs is as important as looking after every aspect of our health and wellbeing. So, be intentional about spending time in your garden, read your book near to the window and do what you can to soak up some fresh air and daylight.

Indeed, in light of the current situation, let’s let as much light into our lives as possible.