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Layer cake

The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens which means one thing: we all have cake on the brain. So, this week we’re asking what’s your favourite cake?

Are you a traditionalist and always plump for a classic Victoria sponge? Maybe you’re a fruit fanatic always gravitating towards seasonal citrus or harvest fruit flavours? Or perhaps you love experimenting with gluten free textures and flavours?

Whatever sees you licking your cake fork, we can all agree there’s few things that top a slice of layer cake.

Layering different textures and flavours – all of them umptuously decadent and indulgent – is the secret to the best layer cakes. Whether it’s layers of sponge, meringue, fruit, buttercream, chocolate, conserve, icing, cream, caramel or nuts, that perfect combination of layers contributing to that perfect balance of flavour, texture and sweetness can be nothing short of a taste explosion. So much so, truly mastering the perfect layer cake is something that will literally see millions of us glued to our tv screens, even though we won’t taste a crumb of the finished bake!

In fact, the careful process of balancing ingredients to hand make a perfectly even bake very much reminds us of the careful process of balancing the combinations of fine natural and luxurious fillings to create a perfectly even mattress capable of giving you perfect sleep.

Much like in baking, all of the different fillings and components that go into one of our a handmade pocket sprung mattresses have been finely tweaked recipes handed down through generations of our family run company.

Whilst our recipe for perfect sleep may remain a family secret, unlike that tempting cake creation that tantalises you from your tv screen, you can try a slice of what perfect sleep feels like in the showroom of a quality furniture retailer near you.

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