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Layer up

Theres no mistaking it’s that time of year to begin layering up.

The first thing to go on may be our coats, usually followed a few weeks later by a scarf, perhaps even a bobble hat on crisp and evenings and – when things really take a turn for the chilly – we may even delve into our thermals and go to the effort of wriggling our fingers into gloves.

For some of us, layering up is a reluctant process (perhaps harking back to lost moments of childhood playtime being coaxed into coats!) but layer by layer, we gradually get used to the disappearing warmth and, layer by layer, we cosy ourselves up for winter.

But, in spite of the extra time it takes us to get into our layers, there’s something also comforting about these layers – more so than just the protection they afford against the cold wind.

At Millbrook Beds we like layers too. Our pocket sprung mattresses are handmade using many layers of fine natural fillings to create the cosiest, comforting kind of luxury sleep. Hampshire wool, silk, pashmina, cashmere, bamboo and pure cotton are layered above pocket springs to create a sleeping surface that provides support to the unique shape of your neck and spine to create superior comfort or, as we like to call it, #perfectsleep.

What’s more, the natural fillings used in a Millbrook Bed are chosen for their thermo-regulatory properties that help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and thus temperature-related sleep disturbance to a minimum. 

So, whether you love or hate layering up, now you can get all the benefits of layering up in the bedroom this winter with Millbrook Beds.