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National Hug Day

There’s few ways of non-verbally expressing affection and reassurance that are as powerful as a hug. Sometimes you can talk for an hour trying to find the right words to say to someone who’s hurting when – in reality – the thing they often most need isn’t words, it’s a hug.

Today (Monday 21st January) is National Hug Day in many countries.

And, whether or not your a fan of national awareness days, there’s something to be said about the occasional reminder of the value of certain things that we take for granted. There’s also something to be said about the timing of National Hug Day that happens to fall on Blue Monday too.

So, for those people you know and love – not random strangers please! – spare a hug on National Hug Day, it might mean more to the recipient than you think.

And, because hugging has been scientifically proven to combat stress, a great time and place for a hug is in those moments before we fall asleep, even if it’s just with our favourite old teddy!

Happy Hug Day from us all here at Millbrook Beds…