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On neutral ground

Everyone in life has that friend that tries to push you out of your comfort zone. For instance that friend that wants you to go out more, to stay out later, to eat spicier food, to be more adventurous, to get a dramatic haircut or to choose more colour in your clothes or home wares.

It’s not to say that these friends aren’t great friends – sometimes we need a polite shove to embrace more colour in our lives – but, sometimes, it’s ok to make a neutral choice as well.

Neutral colours don’t in any way deserve their reputation as ‘safe’ or boring choices. 

In fact, when it comes to home decor, neutral colours are not only a good investment but they work for any style. Whether you favour a traditional looking home, a clean modern look, a home full of romantic touches or rustic countryside charm for your home decor, a neutral colour palette can accentuate each and all of these different styles.

What’s more, neutrals keep partners with differing tastes on neutral ground and won’t see your decor date or be at odds with each changing home style season.

Here at Millbrook Beds, we know our customers well and we know they’re looking for distinguished and elegant designs with styling that will outlast the lifespan of their mattress (up to 10 years for a quality mattress from Millbrook Beds). For that reason, our divan bases and headboards are available in a range of quality fabrics and a vast array of neutral colours to choose from. And, for that friend of yours, we have a few bolder colours to choose from too!

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