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One last sleep 

If yours is a household with young children, chances are that the subject of conversation at bedtime has revolved around counting sleeps.

But, now that Christmas Eve is here and there’s only one last sleep to go, sleep feels like the last thing on the minds of the excitable children in your household!

So what the best way to get the kids to sleep on Christmas Eve? Well, as with most things in the sphere of parenting, everyone does things differently. Some parents embrace the excitement not minding the late night and instead hope the late night will translate into a marginally later morning on Christmas morning. Other parents come to Christmas Eve armed with a plan if this sounds like you, our Christmas Eve sleep tips may be useful to you:

Normal is good 

If you want your children to go to bed as normal, one of the best starting points is to keep some semblance of normality in their bedtime routine. 

Burn it up

Like adults, kids sleep better for having had some fresh air and exercise so burn off some of the festive excitement by getting outdoors for a bit.

Save the biscuits for Santa 

Yes it’s Christmas but if you want your kids asleep before too late in the evening on Christmas Eve, don’t get them all sugared up before bedtime.


Christmas Eve boxes and trinket gifts are growing in popularity and, if you think your child may struggle to cope with the anticipation of waiting until Christmas morning, perhaps a night before small gift will assuage some of their excitement.

Keep it down

If you’re worried about your child getting off to sleep on Christmas Eve, be mindful of your own revelries and keep your cheesy Christmas tunes at a reasonable volume.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Millbrook Beds!