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Out of rhythm 

Ever heard a band or an orchestra playing out of rhythm? Even to the untrained musical ear, it can be obvious that something is ‘off’…but working out what, how and why can be a far less obvious matter.

Can be like that when our circadian rhythm is out of sync, we can feel a sense that our bodies and minds aren’t quite functioning in rhythm but it can be hard to fathom why.

Last weekend the clocks changed and the majority of us had that pleasant Saturday evening realisation that we had an extra hour in bed Sunday morning. But, beyond the pleasantness of that bonus Sunday morning hour, in some cases the clock change can have a cost to our energy, concentration and sleep pattern in the following days.

Don’t panic, our rhythm will return and we’ll soon be back to playing in perfect key again. But it’s worth being mindful of taking particular care of our sleep by keeping to a new regular bedtime until we’ve adjusted to the new time.

If you care about your sleep or are looking to purify your sleep habits to the benefit of your wellbeing, creating a distraction and stress-free bedtime routine is an excellent way to begin a great night’s sleep. Creating a comfortable sleeping environment with a luxury handmade Millbrook Bed is an excellent way to continue that great night’s sleep into the next morning feeling refreshed and energised.

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