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Out to dry

Have you been drying out this January?

Of course we’re referring to Dry January…a campaign that builds in momentum with each passing year. A YouGov poll published towards the end of 2018 revealed over 4 million people were pledged to be part of Dry January this year (which is 25% up on last year) – and we’re willing to bet a great deal more have committed to cut out the booze without adding their name to a register.

For those that have, well done, you’re almost there now!

As well as feeling healthier, saving money and generating content for their Instagram page in the form of weird and wonderful non-alcoholic concoctions, many people participating in Dry January may have also noticed giving up the drink has helped their sleep.

That’s because alcohol is one of the biggest tricksters when it comes to sleep. The effects of alcohol force our brains into a deeper sleep more quickly, often leading people to assume their nightcap actually helps them sleep. But, as the night proceeds, alcohol continues to meddle with our sleep phases, and the diuretic effect of alcohol alone can also cause sleep disturbance. 

Read more on the effect alcohol has on sleep at Drink Aware https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/alcohol-facts/health-effects-of-alcohol/effects-on-the-body/alcohol-and-sleep/ 

By all means have your bottoms up – we’re not suggesting you stretch Dry January into Dry Eternity. But if you think alcohol may be causing your sleep to bottom out, perhaps keep your nightcap to a non-alcoholic theme.