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Pulling back the covers

Few people would relish the thought of someone peeking under their covers of their bed – there are certain things in our lives we like to remain personal and the intimacy of our beds is one of them.

At Millbrook Beds this year though we’re doing the opposite and pulling back the covers! 

Our new look Millbrook Beds website pulls the covers back to reveal exactly what’s beneath the sheets in our handmade beds and mattresses. And it makes sense to do so as we’re immensely proud of what we do, how we do it, the people we employ to do it and the materials we use – so proud in fact we want you to share it with you.

So when you visit our website (link) stay a while and watch our video footage that shows exactly what, how and who goes into the making of your handmade bed or mattress. You’ll not only gain an insight into the number of processes and materials that it takes to make a quality product like ours, but hopefully you’ll also gain an insight into the care, precision and passion that are every bit as important to the finished product.

Have a browse around our new look website now and you’ll also find new and updated ranges of beds, mattresses and headboards, details of specifications and options for all of our products, more information about current partnerships (and why they’re important to us) and you can also find out practical information about local stockists, warranty information and more.

Have a peek under the covers – we want you to see the good stuff that goes on underneath the sheets of a Millbrook Bed.