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Quintessentially British

Why do luxury hotels furnish their rooms with Millbrook Beds?

Good customer service is a big part of it. Quality and durability has a lot to do with it. And offering guests something authentic and British is often the clincher.

Millbrook Beds is a family run company that has been making beds for over 70 years on the south coast of England. And, despite plenty of modern improvements, still today we keep the traditional ideals of fine handmade craftsmanship at the centre of our bed making. In style, in quality, in heritage and in our traditional values, Millbrook Beds is a quintessentially British company.

Whether you run a large hotel, a small guest house or simply take pride in furnishing the guest bedroom of your home, treat your guests to something quintessentially and authentically British with a fine handmade Millbrook Bed.

Join this prestigious list of quality British hotels when you choose a Millbrook Bed for your guest house or, indeed, your own bedroom. View list: http://www.millbrook-beds.co.uk//try-our-beds/