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Recipe for good sleep

Domestic goddess and national treasure Nigella Lawson attracted some headlines last week, but for a very un-foody reason. In fact, Nigella made headlines with a revelation that she’s only able to sleep in two-hour bursts.

The perfectly polished lady, the role model of many a domestic goddess-wannabe has every card up her sleeve when it comes to turning out the perfect pav from her perfectly stocked pantry, not to mention her relaxed and effortlessly chic mini banquets for her sophisticated friends. But, alas, it seems her recipe for sleep is something more of a unfinished symphony.

Nigella is far from being along when it comes to celebrities or high powered people whose busy lives play havoc with their sleep, often resulting in too-few hours for rest. Watching on, it can be hard to know whether success comes because of an all-hours dedication or, by contrast, whether sleep moves down the agenda because of the arrival of success? 

In reality, sleep disturbances and insomnia can affect many people in all walks of life, and can have a lot or very little* to do with our lifestyle choices. But the lesson in all this is that we need to give sleep it’s rightful place in our lives and to treat it with respect.

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* ageing / medical causes