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Soothing patterns 

Patterns can and do have a relaxing effect on our brains.

It’s no coincidence that patterns have such prominence in art and decor in the same way rhythm transforms the sound of music. There’s a reason why a plate of food arranged in beautiful sequence somehow has a more refined taste and why we’re drawn to naturally occurring fractal patterns in nature such as trees, snowflakes and flowers.

Perhaps patterns cause a temporary mesmeric effect or just give our brain more data to process and configure, but whatever the reason it seems that our brains like and respond well to patterns. So much so, there’s research from Ohio State University (2018) that suggests the way our brains process data sees us continually on the lookout for patterns, read about this study at online journal Science Daily here: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180531114642.htm

Given this, it’s really not so surprising that our bodies and brains also thrive with positive routines which are, essentially, the development of patterns in our actions. Routine plays an especially important role in our preparation for sleep as, by maintaining a positive bedtime routine, we can not only create opportunities for relaxation, we can also create a pattern of cues to our brain that bedtime is approaching that will see us fall asleep faster.

So, whether you favour a patterned bedspread or a plain one, keep positive patterns front of mind when it comes to bedtime.