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Ever noticed how everything becomes that bit more sparkly this time of year?

The skyline is lit up with all the drama and pizazz of sparkling fireworks… Sparkly outfits are appearing in the shops and sequinned party looks adorn the pages of magazines… Our eyes sparkle with the reflection of the twinkly lights and flickering candles that add that cheery sparkle to our homes on dark nights… And, needless to say, sparkling Christmas displays are popping up…everywhere!

Luckily there’s few things more attractive and cheering to us than something that sparkles – even if it is an unseasonably early Christmas display. Like magpies, we find ourselves instinctively attracted to sparkly things and sparkly people.

Because people can sparkle too.

When we feel good in ourselves and about ourselves, there’s an unmistakable sparkle that comes from within us. Feeling well, feeling energised, feeling confident, feeling happy – all these factors are interlinked, in the same way as the quality of our sleep is interlinked with our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Unlike the sequins and tinsel, it’s not a sparkle you can necessarily buy off a shelf, but it’s certainly a sparkle you can encourage by taking care of yourself in mind and body.

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