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Stress free zone

Does Hi-tech Cause Hi-Stress?

That’s the question organisers of the 20th International Stress Awareness Day will be asking this year as they celebrate helping people to beat stress on Wednesday 7th November 2018.

As a nation we’re a lot more clued up on stress these days. We have a much greater awareness of stress triggers, activities that can help us manage stress, where to find help if stress becomes too much and – most sobering of all – some of the long term dangers to our health of prolonged stress. However, at the same rate that our awareness of stress factors increase, so too do the factors causing our stress seem to accelerate.

So do you have a routine that helps you get rid of tension?  If the answer is yes, great!  When we’re happy we’re healthy and that sets us up for a longer, more fulfilled life.  If the answer is no, don’t stress over it! The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) wants to help – find out how at isma.org.uk 

Left unchecked, stress can also play havoc with our sleep which, in turn, means that tiredness can minimise our ability to manage stress triggers. And if, as the theme of this year’s International Stress Awareness Day suggests, you think technology could be impacting your ability to ‘switch off’ from stress triggers, it may be time to de-device your bedroom.

When it comes to stress, there are some wise words…

We can do anything

But not everything 

We need to rest. Take care of your needs this International Stress Awareness Day and you’ll find things will become easier.