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The matter of things

When it really comes down to it, it’s funny how quickly we can sift our lives into two piles: the pile of things that matter, and the pile of things that really don’t.

In the extraordinary times we find ourselves in, the things that matter to us now are our families and loved ones, our health, keeping a roof over heads and food in our cupboards, finding respite in our sleep and – however we can – helping one another.

Hastily put aside are the work projects that only a few weeks ago occupied so much of our time and attention, our beauty regimen, the gadgets we coveted, the plans we’d made. The playing field has been levelled and, once this is all over, it’ll be interesting to observe how many of these things we choose to pick up again, or whether they will have lost their significance forever.

The fact is our sleep sits highly on this shortlist of what matters in our lives when so many other things in life are stripped away. But, considering this, it’s rarely given priority in our normal day to day lives. Maybe it’s time that changed.

Look after your sleep in good times and in bad, and let your sleep look after you.