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Time to chill

Yes there’s an early morning and late evening chill to the air but, in spite of this, it’s a different kind of chilling we have on our minds this week.

This week – from 10th – 17th September – is National Spa Week. A celebration of all things ‘spa’, National Spa Week is aiming to raise awareness of the physical, mental and emotional benefits that regular spa attendance can offer.

In the UK, many of us think of a spa visit as a special birthday treat or equivalent for ourselves or to give as a gift, but should we have to wait for our birthday to come around to relax? In essence, this is what National Spa Week want us to give some thought to.

In other parts of Europe regular spa days are the normal way for all members of the family to relax and unwind on a regular basis. So, National Spa Week is promoting local offers and discounts* to help people realise that regularly accessing their local spa may be be more realistic than they might have assumed, as well as promoting inclusivity with information about spas with facilities for people with disabilities or people who may be undergoing treatment for cancer.

Find our more at https://spaweek.co.uk

As well as managing your overall sense of emotional and physical wellbeing, scheduling chill out time also pays dividends for your sleep. Positive sleep, in turn, supports your overall sense of wellbeing, and so it’s easy to see how a positive cycle evolves.

Chill out this autumn with hints and tips from National Spa Week and, once you’re sufficiently chilled out, sleep well in the comfort of a handmade Millbrook Bed.

* Terms and conditions apply, read more at https://spaweek.co.uk