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Twist and shout

Wouldn’t it be great if more kids were like Dickensian favourite Oliver Twist whose request “please sir, may I have some more?” lives on through the literary ages?

Impertinent though it was in the Victorian era, in modern day culture, we’d often be glad of our children having the confidence to speak up when it comes to their needs. Unless our children are like Oliver Twist and good at recognising and communicating their needs, they’re probably more likely just to find reasons to shout.

As a parent, finding the balance of what’s not enough and what’s too much for our children is a very pertinent modern problem:

What’s too much tv that it affects their intelligence and social skills? Or…what’s too little that means children don’t get the same chance we do to relax and unwind?

What’s too much in the way of sugar that could affect their long-term health? Or…what’s too little that means we ALWAYS say no and they can never enjoy a treat?

And, a biggie in many households, what’s too much sleep that gets in the way morning routines and evening activities? And… what’s too little that could affect your child’s energy levels and learning ability?

Making decisions about what’s best for your child is what parenting is all about, there’s not always an instruction manual and most the time you just have to listen to your parental instincts. However, thankfully on the latter subject of sleep, there is helpful advice at the hands of the Sleep Council.