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How can it be that we work so hard to keep our homes tidy and feeling welcoming and yet, at the end of a busy day as we come to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour, our bedrooms can feel cluttered, untidy and far from welcoming? 

Quite simply our bedrooms are out of sight and out of mind for most of our day, so we don’t always spot the mess and clutter in our bedrooms until those last moments of the day when we’re too weary to do anything about it. Tidying and organising our bedroom is as equally forgettable task by day as the nightly discovery of a cluttered bedroom is unsatisfying.

It’s similar to how we can wake up feeling stiff and weary after a poor night’s sleep and spend those first few moments of the day pondering about buying a new mattress, only to forget by the time we’ve brushed our teeth. Buying a new mattress can seem like a forgettable and postpone-able task but, unlike the pile of clothes in the corner of our bedroom that remains unseen for the rest of the day, our bodies and brains have a much harder time forgetting poor sleep.

So really, the better our sleep, the more we ought to be able to forget about sleep during the day. If you’re stiff, weary and struggle with concentration levels due to poor sleep, chances are you’ll have a hard time not thinking about sleep as your energy levels are suppressed throughout the day.

If your relationship with your sleep is unforgettable, make a point of remembering to replace your aged or poor quality mattress and you might be surprised how quickly you can begin forgetting to think about sleep – which just leaves that pile of clothes to remember!

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