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At Millbrook Beds, our luxury beds and mattresses are handmade using thousands of pocket springs, anywhere up to 7000* of them to be precise. 

And with good reason. For every one of those wound springs nestled in their own pocket casing represent yet many more thousands of hours of unwinding time for you in mind and body. But how?

Pocket springs move independently of one another, individually adjusting to the unique curves and shape of your neck and your spine. Each spring is wound tightly to absorb the stress of your body, so that your body can do precisely the opposite: unwind.

Try one of our beds in the showroom of a quality furniture retailer near you and discover the right spring tension you need (from a choice of soft, medium and firm comfort options) to feel comfortable and release the tension from your neck and spine.

In a nation where we’ve almost forgotten how to relax and yet wonder why we’re not coping so well with life these days, finding ways to intentionally unwind has never been so important.

So, find yourself some comfy pyjamas, slip between the sheets of a Millbrook Bed and take the weight of the world off for the night in the enhanced pocket sprung support and comfort of a Millbrook Bed.

* View Perfect 7000 at www.millbrook-beds.co.uk/product/perfect-7000/