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Warming feeling

September’s arrived and, in our minds, the only thing that can help compensate for the disappearing warmth of summer is the comforting embrace of Autumn.

And there is something inherently comforting about Autumn isn’t there? 

As the mornings and evenings begin to cool, so we find warming pumpkin spice flavours reappear on the menus at our favourite cafes and we rediscover the comfort of hot lunches at our desk with steaming hot soups. As the nights draw in and the days become shorter, we slip back into the fluffy warmth of our slippers at home and remember our twinkly lights and relaxing candles of an evening.

For us, Autumn is the season to celebrate everything cosy in comforting foods, comforting textures and comforting activities. Tis the season to embrace snuggling, and nothing beats the warming feeling of snuggling under the covers of a luxurious handmade Millbrook Bed.

Designed with that comforting feeling in mind, our beds and mattresses are handcrafted with layer upon layer of snuggly soft natural fillings that all come together to create a luxuriously comfortable  sleeping surface.

Celebrate the cold mornings and darker evenings this Autumn by getting under the covers of a Millbrook Bed.