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Weekend blow out

Everyone loves a weekend blow out, but that ‘thing’ we may indulge ourselves with varies massively. What’s your favourite weekend blow out?

Treating ourselves is an important way to reduce stress and nurture our mental wellbeing ie helping us to feel like we matter. So we’re not necessarily thinking about regular or unhealthy over-indulgences – although there’s nothing wrong with that on occasion – it can sometimes just be doing something different that distinguishes a weekend day from any other.

Popular weekend blow outs tend to be giving ourselves a night off cooking with a takeaway, or taking time we wouldn’t normally have over breakfast to make pancakes or the perfect bacon sandwich. Weekend blow outs can be busy times, braving the crowds to indulge in some retail therapy, or quiet times, heading off to yoga or just having time to haul up and read a book in a coffee shop.

An enduring weekend indulgence of course is to feast ourselves on sleep. Popular across the generations, the classic Sunday morning lie in is of itself a weekend blow out of time to languish in bed. Weekend blow outs like our Sunday morning lie ins are special as they more often than not represent time that we wouldn’t normally have on weekdays. So, when time is precious, spend it well.

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