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When is a door not a door?

This probably has to be up there as one of the most famous puns and of course the answer to the age-old riddle ‘when is a door not a door?’ is ‘when it’s ajar’. Get it?

A famous play on words (i.e. the door ceases to be a door when it becomes a jar) but it’s interesting to think about actual scenarios where things can cease to fulfil their purpose. For instance, when is a bed not a bed? In spite of its material reality and its appearance, we’d argue that a bed isn’t a bed when it prevents you from sleeping properly. After all, how can a bed be a bed if it becomes an obstruction to that which it’s designed to facilitate – i.e. sleep?

This may sound like a ridiculous assertion and, yet, as many as 13% of us identify our beds as the main problem with our sleep*.

Therefore, in the purest sense, at Millbrook Beds our beds are, unequivocally, beds. That is to say that our beds are designed with your sleep comfort in mind. Every luxuriously soft filling we select, every pocket spring we position and every hand side stitch we make is part of a careful design to create a bed or mattress capable of providing you with #perfectsleep.

Riddles aside, the real question is: if our sleep is so valuable to our overall health and sense of wellbeing, why settle for anything short of #perfectsleep?

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* Source: The Sleep Council Great British Bedtime Report 2017