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I have really enjoyed my Millbrook mattress, it has been really comfortable and great for restful sleep which has helped aide my recovery. I definitely feel that the mattress has offered me more support than my previous mattresses and would definitely recommend them. On a personal note it was fantastic for my pregnant wife as it allowed her to sleep well... and since the birth of our new son it has given us some great restful hours! Not all in one go or even at night time but it’s been great!

Philip Burgess

My bed from Millbrook is fantastic! I don’t feel as restless as I feel like my quality of sleep has massively increased. Im excited to get into bed after a long day of training. I don’t feel myself tossing and turning like in my old beds and can get to sleep a lot faster and easier.

Dom Cunningham

My Millbrook mattress leaves me feeling recovered and raring to go day after day. There is no better feeling after a long day of training, knowing I’m going to rest and recover the best way I can on my Millbrook.

Jo Harten

the best compliment I can pay to the Millbrook bed is that I’ve been travelling a lot lately and therefore sleeping on lots of other beds and have ended up with a bad back. As soon as I’ve had a few days at home on the Millbrook mattress it’s cleared up! I wish I could take it with me in my suitcase!

Nick Matthew

My new Millbrook mattress is awesome! It has surprised me what a difference it is having compared to my old mattress. After long tough training days I am safe in the knowledge that the chance of a recovery during the night has gone up thanks to a better sleep.

Tom Mitchell

I absolutely love my new mattress and I’ve found that I wake up more refreshed and ready for training. My flatmates think it’s the comfiest thing ever and they’ll come and just lie on it all the time which makes me laugh. I’m falling asleep so much faster than before which is really great because even an extra 30mins can make a massive difference when you’re getting up at 4:15am!

Alice Tai

My Millbrook Handmade Mattress and Bed: I have noticed such a difference in how comfortable my mattress is and I have slept through every single night for the past three weeks which is amazing and something I never use to do. It has definitely allowed me to have better starts and I think I might even be turning into a morning person!

Mimi Cesar