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Breaking the Rules

We don’t need to recount the ways that 2020 has been defined by new rules. They’ve been important rules. But, with so many new rules around the way we live our lives, it feels like we need to find some new freedoms when we can.

Today is National Brownie Day, yep… as if we needed the invitation to eat more brownies! So, if you’re feeling like you want to break the rules, let’s wake up to some brownies for breakfast. 

Brownies for breakfast? Why not? Break the rules with these gorgeous recipes; we’re willing to bet you’ll be having brownies for breakfast more than once a year:

Chocolate brownie pancakes 

Source: Waitrose

Recipe by Martha Collison


Waffle iron brownies 

Source: delish

Recipe by Laura Rege


Choccy banana brownies 

Source: Cadbury