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A change is as good as a rest

January feels like the biggest change of the year doesn’t it?

One minute we’re packed out with plans in the festivities of December with all its indulgences in spending and overeating. The next we’re staring at a blank calendar, dieting and cutting back on expenditure. The sudden change in tempo can be a bit of a shock but, if we embrace January, it can be the perfect tonic. 

Where December can feel overwhelming in the business of preparing for Christmas and the sensory overload of gatherings, January is a time to be still, to plan and to recharge. Despite going back to work, a change can feel as good as a rest.

Whatever changes you’re embracing this January, making positive changes to your sleep is always an excellent place to begin – with positive sleep and the sense of wellbeing that goes along with it, we can accomplish so much more.

With our handmade #perfectsleep comfort, you can find more to love in your sleep in 2022 with Millbrook Beds. With mattresses available in a choice of sizes and comfort levels and with accompanying handmade divans and headboards all made to the highest quality specifications, a change will most certainly be as good as a rest.