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A clean break

Two national lockdowns later, countless hours at home and somehow we’re still putting off cleaning out the oven.

But, when it comes to cleaning up our sleep, there’s more at stake than dirty overnight shelves. Clean sleep – ie positive sleeping habits – can have a bearing on everything from our ability to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime to our overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Thankfully, once we’ve identified that our sleep is in need of a clean up, there are no scourers or chemicals involved – quite the opposite. We can clean up our sleep by keeping a regular bedtime, by giving ourselves time away from devices as we prepare for sleep, by reducing the amount of caffeine we consume in a day (and especially from mid afternoon) and by balancing our meals to ensure we eat breakfast not long after getting up and avoid heavy meals in the evening.

A bit like cleaning your oven, it’s not until we tackle cleaning it do we realise how filthy it was and how much better it works when it’s not caked in grease. The same can be true of our sleep, we might not realise the extent to which it’s been broken until we begin fixing it.

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