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A lot of bottle

We’ve got bottle…

For the past two years we’ve dedicated ourself to change, committing to fundamental changes in our mattress design to help tackle the alarming statistics around plastic pollution and to address the volume of mattresses going to landfill figures.

We’ve looked at how a mattress is made and what it is made from, but importantly we also looked at the end of life of the mattress and how it is recycled.  

Investing in research and development, we designed a mattress technology that factored end-of-life into the genesis of its design. The result is NemoFlex™, a manufacturing and materials innovation technology enabling a mattress to be de-constructed in under five minutes, achieving 100% recycling capability. 

To enable the recycling of all NemoFlex™ mattresses, Millbrook Recycling will be launching at our Totton Headquarters in 2022 and we’ve worked closely with our suppliers to create processes which allow us to return components to their original source, diverting 100% of the mattresses processed from landfill and reusing and repurposing valuable material.


And that’s not all. For every NemoFlex™ mattress, 200 plastic bottles are re-purposed. By the end of 2021, we’re on target to save over eight million plastic bottles from landfill; a figure that will grow to over 16 million bottles by the end of 2022.

Now that’s a lot of bottle…