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A simple equation

We spend approximately a third of our lives asleep. It’s not a difficult equation but it’s amazing how, for something that occupies so much of our lives, how little we can be prepared to invest in our sleep.

Eight hours a day is a considerable amount more of our time than we spend in our cars, on expensive annual holidays or wearing those designer shoes – especially so in 2020 when our usage of such has been lower than ever!

But our sleep time also outranks the things we’ve carried on doing or have even been doing more of in lockdown. That third of our time is more time than we spend working in full time employment, it’s more time than we spend watching tv and it’s also more time than we spend catching up on social media.

Of course it follows that we give more thought to the things that occupy our waking hours than to our time spent unconscious. But, in doing this, it’s easy to also forget the simple equation that it’s our eight or sleep hours sleeping that enables us to give more energy, effort and enjoyment to all the stuff that fits into the other two thirds of our lives.

Invest in your sleep, it’s a simple equation.