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A stitch in time

73 years have passed since Walter Croll opened his small furniture workshop in the Millbrook area of Southampton.

Since then his legacy has been borne out in many ways, not least of all in the passion he inspired in his family that followed him into the business and the many many thousands of handmade mattresses that have, in turn, provided many hundreds of thousands of snuggly nights sleep.

Each and every one of those handmade mattresses is hand side stitched. Why? Keeping with tradition, the simple answer is because a stitch in time saves nine.

The traditional and highly skilled process of hand side stitching secures the outer spring of the mattress to the mattress border. This process is labour intensive and meticulous work, but it’s worth it. Taking the time to hand side stitch each mattress means that mattresses made by Millbrook Beds keep their shape as this process helps prevents distortion of the springs and it also has the added benefit of extending the sleeping area right to the edge of the bed.

So there it is, our stitch in time. A legacy of craftsmanship passed down through traditional family run English manufacturing and sewing #perfectsleep with every stitch.