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All around

A creative process needs inspiration. And, whatever our creative endeavour, like any great artist we tend to take inspiration from the people, objects and nature that surround us. Inspiration is all around us, if we stop to look.

Our outdoor surroundings are a continual source of inspiration in our homes. Whatever’s all around us – whether a rural, seaside or urban setting – tends to influence the interior design of our homes. Think rustic character beams and fireplace mantle in a country cottage, driftwood decor in a seaside property or sleek stone coloured surfaces in a city centre apartment.

At Millbrook Beds we’re based on the edge of the New Forest right down on the South Coast of England. Over the many years we’ve been making beds here, our surroundings have been a continual source of inspiration to us too. 

The grandiose cruise liners that grace the shoreline of Southampton waters are part of our company heritage, and symbolise where we first began making luxury furnishings many decades ago. The quality of local producers never fails to astound us and Hampshire Wool takes prided place in the hand making of our beds. And, of course, the New Forest is our home and inspires us to create naturally beautiful sleep using naturally beautiful materials.