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All compliments 

Compliments are a win-win.

When you pay someone a genuine compliment you not only brighten their day, it makes you feel happy too. We know there’s power in positive thinking, but there’s also the old adage that the giving of gifts is often a more positive experience than the receiving of them – so it benefits all of us to be more generous with our compliments.

We’re always delighted to receive positive feedback and, occasionally, a true compliment can stand out from the crowd like this one from former professional English squash player Nick Matthew OBE:

“The best compliment I can pay to the Millbrook bed is that I’ve been travelling a lot lately and therefore sleeping on lots of other beds and have ended up with a bad back. As soon as I’ve had a few days at home on the Millbrook mattress it’s cleared up! I wish I could take it with me in my suitcase!”

What a fantastic compliment!

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