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All in

Not surprisingly, lockdown has paved the way for a craft renaissance on a scale that hasn’t been seen since wartime Britain.

And for good reason… craft projects are absorbing, relaxing and soak up time because they are all encompassing by nature. If we invest time and money in a craft project we’re ‘all in’ by definition, as our time and money have value. For that reason, crafters take care and attention over the detail of their craft, there’s no satisfaction to our task if we’re not setting out to do the best we can.

At Millbrook Beds, we’ve been taking pride in the details of our craft for nearly 75 years now. As any keen crafter, we know the best results and quality can’t be achieved by cutting corners, neither would doing so bring us the same satisfaction.

Ultimately this is the essence that, many decades later, keeps Millbrook Beds ‘all in’ in our commitment to quality and our craftsmanship roots. While much has advanced in the way we work, the rightness of design and traditional skilled craftsmanship processes (such as hand side stitching) associated with our luxury beds and mattresses remain unchanged.

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