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An uncommon thread

At Millbrook Beds our passion for #perfectsleep means that, even with extensive experience of this trade, we’re always in pursuit of ways to improve our collections of luxury handcrafted mattresses and beds.

In recent years this passion has taken us on a journey of rediscovering the beauty of cotton.

Everyone thinks they know cotton, after all, you don’t need to be an expert to recognise cotton as a thread commonly used in many textile products. But, when we came to begin working with English Fine Cottons, we came across a cotton so much more special – a cotton thread that is uncommon in quality.

‘The longer the fibres, the finer the yarn and the smoother and stronger the fabric’ this is the simple and succinct way English Fine Cottons describe the benefits of their extra long staple (ELS) cottons.

ELS is the name given to cotton fibres of extraordinary length, whose characteristics – including high lustre and unrivalled softness – create the most luxurious fabrics and most expensive of all the cotton varieties.

With very specific growing conditions, ELS cottons are grown in limited quantities and, as well as the smoother texture from the longer fibre length, these cottons are also in high demand for their superior strength and uniformity.

ELS English Fine Cottons – an uncommonly luxurious thread and just one clue as to why our luxurious handcrafted beds are anything but commonplace.