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Even those of us who would normally embrace the changing season have to agree, it’s been a pretty miserable start to autumn. The rain! It feels never ending.

The grass and fields are sodden, the roads keep flooding, our umbrella’s on its last legs from the blustery winds and we’re grumpy that we’ve missed the last weeks of ‘ankles out’ weather before the cold weather bites. If at all possible, now definitely feels like a good time to get an early hibernation underway.

The good bit?

However wet we get, however fed up we feel of our frizzy hair and our boots that never quite keep our socks dry like they should, we can always feel better in the knowledge that – at the end of our soggy day – a cosy comfortable bed awaits us.

A luxury handmade bed from Millbrook Beds is expertly designed for year-round optimum comfort. Thousands of individually nested pocket springs provide unique support for your neck and spine, upon which sit layer upon layer of the finest natural fillings including locally sourced Hampshire wool and English cotton. And this is important, these natural fillings respond in a superior way to changing temperature conditions that keep your body temperature constant as you sleep – minimising sleep disturbance.

When all you want to do is sleep until it stops raining, cosy up and hibernate in luxurious comfort with a handmade Millbrook Bed.