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And one final thing…

How do you like to spend your last moments of the day?

Do you like to fall asleep to the familiarity of your favourite tv programme? Perhaps you end the day with sex? Maybe you zone out by reading, or perhaps you like to jot notes and reminders to help settle your mind? Are you someone that relives the highs and lows of the day on the phone to someone you trust?

Everyone bids adieu to the day slightly differently. But, however you do it, somehow it feels like that last portion of our day should be spent as we wish. In essence, that relaxing bedtime hour feels like a reward for day spent working hard physically or mentally, a day spent putting others needs first or sacrificing time to things that don’t interest us or don’t serve our interests. 

If the hour of bedtime is our just reward for these things, then surely the least anyone deserves is to bid adieu to the day in comfort? At Millbrook Beds we believe no one should compromise on anything less than #perfectsleep comfort. That’s why each and every one of our luxurious pocket sprung mattresses is expertly handcrafted using the finest natural fillings.

However you spend your bedtime hour, spend it in luxurious style and comfort with Millbrook Beds.