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Are you ready for this?

For what feels like the longest or shortest time (depending who you talk to) we’ve been trying to make a strange adjustment to a life in lockdown and, now, here we are facing the equally strange prospect of coming out of it.

Last week saw households and businesses contemplating how to function in a new normal and there’s been a definite sense of a scramble – it didn’t feel like anyone was really ‘ready’ for what was coming next.

However, if what you are ready for this side of lockdown is a new bed, we just wanted to let you know we’re ready and waiting for you. We still need all the comfort we can get in our homes right now so, if your bed isn’t giving you what you need in terms of sleep comfort, order up some comfort right there from the comfort of your home.

Our luxury handmade pocket sprung beds and mattresses are made using natural fillings, chemical free fabrics and sustainable timber. And, with Fast Track delivery available on selected products, the wait for #perfectsleep could be over sooner than you think.