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Designing #perfectsleep is a carefully-balanced artistry that’s realised in the experience of the sleeper. 

At Millbrook Beds, preserving the traditional craftsmanship techniques in the way we make our beds is one of the driving passions behind our family run company. And it’s a big part of the reason why – 75 years into our journey – we still make our beds by hand because when we do something create something by hand, we care about the results. The creative process isn’t a half-hearted one, there’s something in us that’s hard-wired to care about the labour of our hearts, minds and hands.

The process of hand side stitching each mattress is one such craftsmanship technique that characterises our handmade beds. A highly skilled traditional technique, the edge of the mattress is hand side stitched for two reasons: to ensure the best quality finish and also to strengthen the edge of the mattress – meaning you can enjoy every inch of sleeping space.

Sleep fads and fancy marketing concepts will always come and go but, in our minds, there’s a purity, honesty and reliability in true handmade quality and craftsmanship. Shop #perfectsleep now online at Millbrook Beds or in a quality independent furniture store near you.