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Arts and crafts

Yes, but is it art?

This is a rhetorical question that rears its head on a cyclical basis when it comes to the subject of contemporary art. However bizarre the piece that inspires this question, even those of us uneducated in the arts recognise that few artists are appreciated in their lifetime and that contemporary art, by its very nature, has to push boundaries.

Which is how we arrive in a place and time when ‘art installations’ – some would argue – are only identifiable as art by virtue of the fact they’re situated in an art gallery. This has led to concerns about de-skilling, whereby a heavy focus on conceptualism has seen traditional artistic skills and techniques devalued and overlooked.

So if that’s the direction of travel in art, are you an arts or a crafts person? Which is to say, how much value do you place on traditional skills and techniques? If it’s a lot, then we have something in common.

Here at Millbrook Beds, preserving the traditional craftsmanship techniques in the way we make our beds is one of the driving passions behind our family run company, and it’s a big part of the reason why – 70 years on – we still make our beds by hand.

Even in the world of beds, ideas come and go; we’ve been spectators of many sleep fads and fancy marketing ideas about mattresses over the years that haven’t stayed the distance. In our minds, there’s a purity, honesty and reliability in true quality and craftsmanship. 

We’ve been hard at work perfecting our recipe for #perfectsleep, why not take a look at what we’ve come up with [link to Perfect collection]