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As different as night and day

Life is different at the moment. And it became different at such a pace that few people haven’t felt thrown off balance in some way.

And different times can necessitate different approaches – take our sleep for instance. It’s no news that the stress, anxiety and inactivity associated with the lockdown is adversely affecting people’s sleep. If getting to sleep is a problem for you at the moment and your normal ‘bath and book’ bedtime routine isn’t cutting it, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Here at Millbrook Beds we’re sharing 5 different ways to help you relax as bedtime nears:

Humorous ramblings

Relax, unwind and re-connect with the lighter side of life by tuning in to a comedy podcast. Humour is a huge stress reliever, as is the sound of being read to, so it’s worth experimenting with a few to find one that makes you chuckle.

Relaxing yoga

The stretching associated with a relaxing yoga sequence is a positive way to release tension, but the real value in yoga is in the breathing exercises that – followed correctly – can help our bodies and minds relax deeply.

“Dear me”

Start a diary. Use the quiet moments before bed to log positives in the day that’s been, no matter how small.

Comfort in a cup

A cup of warm milk might be off the menu but malted drinks are still on the shelves in supermarkets so, whatever’s going on around you, make a comforting drink and take those moments before bed to be kind to yourself.

Get touchy feely

Soothe dry hands from all those 20-second hand washes with a five-minute hand massage at bedtime. Massage is a well known therapy for stress and anxiety and the beauty of a hand massage is you don’t have to rely on anyone else to help.

Life now in comparison to life a few weeks ago is as different as night and day. But if you’re fortunate to only have the challenge of extra time on your hands right now then use it well to look after yourself and your sleep.