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Autumn crafts

Autumn is the time of year to embrace crafts. With the cooler and darker evenings, many of us will pick up crafts again or perhaps even begin preparing handmade seasonal gifts in time for Christmas.

Autumn’s also a fantastic time for children’s crafts with everything nature has to offer in the way of colourful leaves, conkers and ripe Autumn fruits that make for fun mornings scavenging, followed by cosy afternoons transforming your haul into weird and uniquely wonderful creations.

Young or old, there’s nothing like the sense of achievement in making something from scratch. And neither is anything as uniquely beautiful as the things we make by hand, customising them to our individual taste and style. It’s like the difference between pre-packed supermarket scones to the ones you buy from an artisan bakery, or better still, the ones you make at home. There really is no comparison.

The same is true when you buy a handcrafted Millbrook Bed. Not only can you customise the comfort, configuration, colour and storage for your bed, you can feel the difference – night after night…