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Average Joes

It’s funny how some people have a default setting to drive in the middle lane; perhaps the lane-changing discipline of motorway driving feels unnatural, so they stick in the middle and play for averages. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to occur to them to also use the inside and outside lanes as appropriate to the traffic and their speed of travel.

And the ‘play for averages’ mentality can apply in many scenarios. There’s women that spend their lives wearing the wrong size bra for the want of taking five minutes to get properly measured. Likewise people paint their entire houses in magnolia from skirting to ceiling to avoid making colour choices. It’s also true of many people when they shop for a new bed.

At Millbrook Beds, our luxury mattresses are available in three comfort level choices: soft, medium and firm tension. These comfort choices relate to the tension of the pocket springs and the choice is available because – much like the three lanes of the motorway – everyone has individual needs. If your needs differ from that of your partner’s, there are options for split comfort mattresses.

For many people, the middle-of-the-road medium comfort level in a mattress will be right for them, for others soft or firm comfort levels will be the right recipe for perfect sleep. But you won’t know which is right for you unless you try them.