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Back in the game

Getting back in the routine of life? If so, it may also be time to regain some routine around your sleep habits.

Three steps to reset your sleep post-lockdown:

  1. De-device

Being in our homes 24/7 during lockdown took away any last semblance of boundary between our bedrooms and the outside world. The personal space of our bedrooms became the setting for conference calls with work, pub quizzes and home school teaching. It’s time to relocate these devices to other rooms in the house and reclaim our bedrooms as a place of relaxation.

2. Routine

You’re a grown up, you can choose your own bedtime routine – but DO choose to have one. Why? Because doing the same things in same order as bedtime nears gives our body and brain sleep cues that can mean we fall asleep more quickly once in bed. Routines work, so find one that works for you.

3. Little habits

When it comes to the bigger picture for our wellbeing, little habits can make a big difference. Taking each little opportunity that comes your way to be more active, dropping that extra cup of late afternoon tea or late evening glass of wine, timing a whole foods snack instead of hugging the biscuit tin all evening….all these little habits not only add up to a healthier you, they also add up to better sleep.