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Bear hug

Who knew there was such a thing as Hug a Bear Day? Well apparently there is, and it’s happening this Thursday (7th November 2019).

We adults may stop reading at this point in dismissal, after all, teddy bears aren’t terribly relevant to our adult lives. But they were once and what is interesting to ponder as adults, is why.

Our childhood soft toys can play a major role in our child development, helping us practice and develop emotional and social skills including communication, imagination, nurturing and attachment skills. Therefore it seems teddy bears aren’t so irrelevant after all but, rather, a pretty important part of growing up and that we might actually have a fair bit to be grateful for to our favourite old ted.

So, this Hug a Bear Day, give your old ted a hug at bedtime or buy a niece, nephew or god-child a new one…you’ll never know what that soft toy might help them learn.